The Parish Community of Saint John ~ New York City

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Ordinations on May 31, 2008

We gathered in the sanctuary of Trinity Lower East Side Lutheran Church across from Tompkins Square Park in New York's East Village, with lots of friends, colleagues, and associates on Saturday May 31, 2008, for the ordination of several of our folks.  John J. O'Connell was ordained to the Priesthood; Brother Michael William Barkhorn, OSF, Robbin Dee Melchiorre, and Nicodemus Giannelli were ordained to the Diaconate. 

Three of the Candidates for Ordination

Michael William, with Nicodemus and Robbin

Some of the Guests

Isabelle Carsten, the Metropolitan's mother, with some of the guests as the liturgy began.

With the New Deacons

The Metropolitan Archbishop E. PAUL BRIAN has some words with the new Deacons.

Let Us Pray

Our Metropolitan Archbishop leads us in prayer.

Blessing the New Priest

Hands of blessing on the shoulders of Father John.

The Metropolitan Archbishop Addresses the Guests

The Metropolitan Archbishop, E. PAUL BRIAN (Carsten), drove out from Indiana for the weekend.

Beginning with Music

Mother Francesca Fortunato leads the congregation in song.

Vesting the New Priest

Father John is vested with the Chasuble

During the Liturgy

The Metropolitan Archbishop, with the newly-ordained Priest and Deacons, gathers at the Holy Table.

During the Liturgy

A few moments later during the liturgy.

Toward the Conclusion of the Liturgy

A moment of quiet prayer.

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